• Sienna Senior Living Inc.

    Added Jun 8, 2020


    Sienna Senior Living Inc. is a Canadian publicly traded senior housing company that was founded in 1972. The Company offers nursing homes, retirement homes, and independent living facilities. Sienna owns and operates 70 senior living residences in addition to managing 17 residences for third parties throughout Ontario and British Columbia. Sienna is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

    • Through a whistle blower and military investigation reports, Sienna Care Facilities were accused of neglecting and abusing patients. Over a one-month period, one worker says she witnessed two incidents of staff hitting residents and one time when a worker pinched a resident’s nose. In addition, she said she saw many incidents of verbal abuse and forced feeding, including when individuals were not fully awake.
    • The published military reports also found rampant neglect that led to bug infestations, bleeding infections that were un-cared for, aggressive feeding of residents that caused choking, and residents that were left crying for help for hours.
    • Apart from the neglect, the care centers also did not take the appropriate precautions during Covid-19, causing 53 deaths in one nursing home. According to the investigation reports, care givers failed to separate infected and non-infected residents allowing the virus to spread easily.
    • As of June 8th, 2020, Stephen Birman and Lucy Jackson of Toronto law firm Thomson Rogers are leading a proposed $20-million class-action lawsuit brought against the Altamonte Care Community on behalf of the Toronto home's residents and their families.

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