• Facebook

    Added Apr 23, 2020


    Facebook is an US-based social networking website. Founded in 2004, Facebook now has 2.5 billion monthly active users and is worth over half a trillion US dollars.

    Facebook is a publicly held company.

    • Facebook has been heavily scrutinized for its role in the 2016 US presidential election. It has been found to have accepted at least $100,000 in payments for ads for 470 inauthentic Facebook pages likely owned by Russian actors.
    • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has vowed to fight such manipulation in the future
    • The company has also been known to dabble in questionably immoral social experiments with its users, unbeknownst to them. In 2014 Facebook was found to have conducted an experiment wherein users' news feeds were altered to emphasize either negative or positive stories from their friends. The users' behavior on the site was then monitored to determine whether their altered news feeds had affected their own emotional attitude. It must be emphasized that the participants in this experiment were unaware that they were the subjects of a deliberate experiment.

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