Hillstone Restaurant Group

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Added May 7, 2020

The corporate company, Hillstone Restaurant Group was founded in 1976 and owns the following restaurants: Gulfstream, Bandera, Rutherford Grill, Palm Beach Grill, Cherry Creek Grill, Los Altos Grill, Woodmont Grill, R+D, Hillstone, The Honor Bar, South Beverly Grill, East Hampton Grill, White House Tavern, Big Jake’s Steaks, and Houston’s. As of 2019, the group owns and operates 76 restaurants under 13 different brands in the United States.

Company Behavior Summary

  • Hillstone Restaurants that are re-opening in Texas are prohibiting employees from wearing PPE, specifically masks.
  • Employees have come forward saying that Hillstone has relayed that if they refuse to not wear a mask they will be taken off the schedule and not given any working shifts.


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