JBS Holdings


Added May 8, 2020

JBS USA Holdings is an American food processing company that is wholly owned by Brazilian Company, JBS S.A. JBS is the world’s largest processor of beef and pork, raking in more the $50 billion in annual sales. JBS USA is headquartered in Greeley, CO.

Company Behavior Summary

  • The meatpacking industry has always had a notorious reputation for poor working conditions and Covid-19 has only made this more apparent. Currently meat and poultry employees have among the highest illness rates of all manufacturing employees and are the least likely to report said illnesses for fear of repercussions.
  • JBS failed to provide PPE equipment to their workers during the Covid-19 outbreak. Furthermore, they also did not properly inform their workers about the virus or the virus’ presence within their plants. A daughter of a JBS worker who was diagnosed with Covid-19, stated that “JBS officials failed to immediately inform workers of COVID cases at the plant and ignored her calls when her father was diagnosed.”
  • Currently, a JBS facility in Grand Island, Nebraska has chosen to remain open even though 7.5 of every 1,000 workers have tested positive.
  • It should also be noted that recently certain JBS plants have started to implement preventative measures including providing masks, staggering shifts and breaks, temperature check, plexiglass dividers and daily cleanings.


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